Ok, so I’ve just installed Symantec System Recovery 2013 on the SBS2011 serve that I’m migrating at the moment. While setting up the backup I found that the C:\ drive wasn’t showing and so I couldn’t select it to be backed up, not much use eh!

I found by Shrinking the volume and then Expanding it again, following a reboot I could then select the C:\ to be backed up. The steps I took are as follows:

First open up Computer Management and on the left click Disk Management so you can see all the Partitions.

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 20_58_43
Right click the Partition you want to resize, in my case the C:\ drive and then click Shrink Volume
This will start Querying the volume for the available space it can be shrunk by.
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 20_58_55
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 20_59_34
In this instance I chose to shrink by just 15Gb, put in the amount and then click Shrink.

Once the operation has completed, the process to Extend is pretty similar:

Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 21_02_38
Right click the volume you’ve just shrunk and click Extend Volume.
Click Next.
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 21_02_54
Here you can choose how much you want to Extend the Volume by, in my chase I just wanted to add the 15Gb I removed and so just clicked Next.
Then Click Finish, as you can see the drive has been allocated all the space it originally had,
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 21_03_15

Following a reboot, I went to edit the backup job and could then select the C:\
Screenshot - 21_10_2013 , 21_11_57

Job done, I hope this gets you out of a sticky quibble.