Exchange Server 2007

Add Email address or Domain to Exchange Spam whitelist Powershell

Having a Quarantine mailbox which an internal user can then manage can be really useful. Mainly because they know their business better and which type of emails they should be ; However there are times when legitimate emails from the same Sender or Domain keeps getting put in quarantine for…
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Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Mailbox not updating, Disconnected / Quarantined

I found myself looking into a particular issue with a single mailbox, even through all other users were connecting as usual and updating, for this one user Outlook was coming up as disconnected.  I tried recreating the Outlook profile which had the same result. I then tried Outlook Web Access…
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Mapi session exceeded the maximum of 500 objects

I got a call the other day saying that a particular mailbox was having some strange problems, disconnecting etc, however I knew that this was particularly large (25Gb) and is also shared. Jumping into good old ‘eventvwr’ I saw and saw this error dotted about:  Error:  MSExchangeIS EventID 9646: Mapi…
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