Normally a simple task of installing a certificate for IIS and Exchange 2010, however on this occasion once I’d imported the crt file into the Certificate mmc, I couldn’t then export it as a pfx certificate which Exchange 2010 requires for it to be imported. 

As you can see all the pfx options are greyed out:

I have to admit I had a few problems initially when installing this certificate as it needed to be revoked due to some errors in the ordering process (not GoDaddys fault).  Then I realised that there wasn’t a Key icon 17_01_2014_002 on the certificate which it needs in order to be exported as a pfx certificate with the private key information contained in it.  So what I needed to do was recover the private key.

First we need the Serial number of the certificate, to do this just double click the certificate from the certificate mmc and you should see it in the details tab.

Now to recover the private key, to do this, first open up a Command prompt (here’s how)  and type in certutil –repairstore my serialnumber            (Replace serialnumber  with the number obtained above)

Once that’s completed successfully then refresh the certificate mmc window and you should now be able to export it as a pfx file to then import into Exchange or where ever you desire.

Hope this gets you out of a sticky Quibble.