Hello there, Ok I just had a call where pdf file wouldn’t open in Internet Explorer, in this case it was version 10. All they would get would be an X in the top left corner.  It all worked fine in Firefox and Chrome.

PDF not working in Internet Explorer 10

I tried reinstalling Adobe Reader, associating the PDF extension with adobe reader, disabling and enabling the addon, resetting Internet Explorer security settings, disabling protected mode, looked at the preferences in Adobe Reader, you name it.

Eventually I managed to come across a registry change which finally fixed this, and here’s how:

Open up the Registry Editor (Here’s how) and navigate to HKEY_Current_User –> Software –> Microsoft –> Internet Explorer –> Main

In there, on the right you’ll see a DWORD called TabProcGrowth double click this and change the value from 0 to 1

Close the Registry Editor and Internet Explorer.

Now try opening the webpage with the PDF file and it should now open embedded in Internet Explorer.

Hope this gets you out of a Sticky Quibble.