While configuring GFI Mail Essentials for a client I soon realised that there is a 40,000 email limit in the historical logs. While I’m sure this has been set for performance reasons I happen to be using a beast of a server and so looked into increasing this.

The main reason is that this particular client sends/receives over 4000 emails a day and so the logs would only go back 10 days which simply isn’t enough.

(FYI: I am doing this on a Windows 2008 Standard Server with Exchange 2010 SP3)

To simply do this, open up Regedit:
Go to – Start – Run and type in regedit  and click ok.

Once Regedit has opened navigate to the following of location:


Locate the String called logsfdblimit and in there you should see the default value of 40000.  Right click and modify the string and simply enter the amount of emails you wish to keep in the log,  (Screen shot Below):


Hope this helps get you out of a sticky quibble.