Ok so following on from setting up Windows Server Backup with multiple Disks

Now, on this occasion for what ever reason I didn’t get all the disks added, needed to include another one into the backup but wasn’t onsite and to top things off the previous disk wasn’t available, if you’re in this position then if you go through the Wizard you’ll get this nice error:

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

I’ll tell you how to get around this and add disks through the command prompt (How to open Command prompt)

Once you have the command prompt open, make sure you have your backup disk attached that you want to add.

First you need to get a list of the Disks attached so you can get the Disk Identifier.
Type wbadmin get disks

So below you’ll see the disks attached, in this case there are 3, the one I need to concentrate on is the WD Elements 1048 USB Device as I know that’s the one I want to backup to, note the Disk Identifier

Now we know which disk we want to add we type the following:
wbadmin enable backup –addtarget:{disk identifier}

Here you’ll see it’ll ask you to verify the settings and confirm.

  1. Do you want to enable scheduled backups with the above setting?  if you’re happy with it type Y and enter.
  2. Do you want to format and use “Disk Name” (that includes volumes (not mounted))  if you’re happy with it type Y and enter.


Once you’ve confirmed it’ll prepare the disk and add it.  Note: The scheduled backup is enabled.

And there you’ll see you’re disk added to the destination.

If you have an EFI System Partition or receive the error:  Error – The selected disk cannot be selected as a backup location because it contains OEM, unknown or other special partition(s).  Click here for the solution

Hope that gets you out of a stick Quibble.