Last week I came across this little beauty while moving a client over from POP3 to Exchange 2010.

Screenshot - 07_10_2013 , 22_22_55
Sending reported error (0x8004010F)

Basically what had happened is that the old POP3 account had lost the default folder where new e-mails would be delivered.

Solution (for Outlook 2007 & 2010):

Go to ‘File’ then ‘Account Settings’ then ‘Account Settings’ again.

Screenshot - 07_10_2013 , 22_43_35

Pick the POP3 Account which you’re having problems with then click ‘Change Folder’ at the bottom. This is where you change the default delivery location.

POP3 Account

Now I found that you couldn’t just pick the Inbox again but in fact I needed to pick another folder (or create a new one if one doesn’t exist), click ok and then go back to pick the Inbox.

Screenshot - 07_10_2013 , 22_49_24

After that I could Send and Receive without issue.

Hope this helps you get out of a sticky quibble.