Make Money online with ITQuibbles I hear you say?  That’s right, you can now make money right here by becoming a contributor to our site. Creating your own posts, explain the issues that have arisen and how you solved them in your experience, helping other people in the same situation, while making a few $$. Everyone’s a winner!

How does it work? ITQuibbles is currently funded by some simple advertising, you as a contributor will get 60% of the obtained click cost of an advert, that’s right 60%, the rest will be put back into maintaining the site, SEO and such.

Ok so you’re in, excellent! So how do you get involved?  Simple really.

What do you need?
Simply put you need a Google Adsense account (we need your Publisher ID so we can pay you you 60%). If you have a Google account then you can simply attach that to Adsense.  If not you can open one up here

Patience! Good things come to those who wait. Well not sit around and wait but lets be realistic your not going to make that much money with a single post are you? This site is growing all the time, growing from strength to strength and the more contributors =  more posts, more posts = more visitors, the more visitors the greater likely hood that your posts get viewed, the more views well that means more clicks = Money for you.

How long does it take to post?  – Well that really depends on the issue your solving, generally if I come across a problem I screenshot what I can so that once it’s solved I have everything I need to post. Have a look at some other posts, they take approx 20-30 mins with all the info at hand.

Ok, got an Adsense Publisher ID?  Awesome lets get going!

First off Register and account with IT Quibbles.
Drop us an email through the Contact page explaining that you’d like to start contributing with your Adsense Publishing ID.
We’ll drop you an e-mail once you’re setup and away you go.
(Note: Your first 3 posts will need to be moderated for security and suitable content purposes)

There are a few rules though:

  1. Each Post must be uniquely written and not directly copied from any other website.
  2. The Post layout must be in the form of:
    Problem: Explain the issue you’ve come across clearly including any error codes (typed) as well as any screen shots if possible.
    Solution: Explain in clear detail the steps you took to fix the issue including and specific terms and screen shots you took to get to your solution.
  3. One Screen shot is required, and must be in JPG format.

Useful Tools: Windows Live Writer / Screen Captor (license is free but requires a quick registration)